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Naturist beach – Veštar Campsite

This naturist beach is located in a campsite in a naturally protected bay. Pebble beach with sand floor in the middle of the bay is the most attractive beach in the Veštar Bay and it is ideal for swimming and sunbathing for the entire family. The north part consists of stones and round pebbles and it is reserved for naturists. The south part of it, all the way up to the Babo Cape and even further, is mostly covered with rocks and charming small bays.

Naturist beach – St. Andrija’s Island

St. Andrija’s and Maškin Islands are the largest and the most beautiful pearls of the Rovinj archipelago. The uniqueness of nature, the wealth and diversity of vegetation, the beauty of the islands and its bays, the crystal clear sea and idyllic peace make these islands an ideal place to enjoy the summer magic. There are many hidden bays on the island of Maškin which are ideal for international gatherings of the fastidious naturist crowd. This island has become naturists’ favourite place after the Second World War and the beautiful beaches and the rich pine tree forest still attract naturists from all around the world.

Beaches – Valalta Naturist Village

Valalta Naturist Village is particularly popular due to the 5 kilometres long coast and 3.5 kilometres of tended beaches. Choose one of the bays with pebble beaches or 150 meters long sand beach and let go to the summer magic. Relax by reading your favourite book on deck chairs with a view of the crystal clear sea while your little ones have fun on the water slide.
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