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Old Town Poreč

The old town of Poreč developed on the peninsula in Roman times and has kept its original urban street system. The peninsula is divided lengthways by Decumanus Maximus street with a parallel series of ancillary streets or decumanusi. They are connected together by horizontal streets with Cardo Maximus at the centre. As a result of this layout, the town area takes the form of a proper square with the houses inside it.

Euphrasius' Basilica Complex

Euphrasius' Basilica is the most significant and valuable cultural historical site in Poreč and is the best kept memorial of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean. It was built in the 6th century during the time of Bishop Euphrasius from whom it got its name. The complex is one of the most significant global memories, and the basilica is on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list.

Old Christian Basilica, Vrsar

Near the Roman Basilica of St. Mary of the Sea, in the courtyard that is closed off with a stone wall there are the remains of an Old Christian Basilica from the 4th century. Today the remains of the basilica are covered with earth and are not open to the public. The basilica has a square layout and in the basilica there is a baptistery, whilst the entrance hall was on the western side. During the 6th century an apse was built, which is the last circular part of the church and the floor was covered with a mosaic.

The Baška Table, Krk

The Baška Table originating from the year 1100 is one the most significant monuments of early Croatian literacy. According to academician Branko Fučić, the most prominent researcher of the table, as well as academician Eduard Hercigonja, the language of the table is Croatian – chakavian dialect, with elements of the liturgical Church Slavonic language and the script is the Croatian Glagolitic script. The table was found in the church of St. Lucija in Jurandvor near Baška on the island of Krk in the mid 19th century.

Krk churches

There are a large number of well preserved sacral objects in the town of Krk and surrounding areas. We recommend the church of St. Michael the Archangel from the 13th century, and the two churches of St Kvirin and St Margaret from the 12th century.

Frankopan Castle, Island of Krk

Found on Kamplin square. Throughout history it has been an important building that had a defensive role, and today is used for cultural events.
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