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Must try

Fuži with truffles

Fuži are homemade Istrian pasta, most often served in a sauce of fresh truffles, wild asparagus and prosciutto. As almost every Istrian host will tell you, this combination of fuži and truffles makes truffles taste their best. We recommend that you definitely try this traditional Istrian dish which represents a connection of simplicity and excellent gastronomy.

Krk lamb

Various sorts of aromatic Mediterranean plants growing on the pastures along the island of Krk are probably the main reason for the extreme quality and specific aroma of the Krk lamb. You can taste the lamb from the local farms prepared under the baking lid (Cro. ”peka”) or roasted and enjoy its unique flavour in one of the numerous interesting restaurants and taverns.


Asparagus is a harbinger of spring and a famous Istrian speciality. It is most often prepared with eggs, homemade pasta and rice, or as an addition to other traditional Istrian dishes. Besides its unique taste, it is famous for its healing qualities. Visit one of the many Istrian inns and definitely taste some of the dishes made from wild asparagus.


Prosciuotto is a dried meat made from the ham of a pig that is salted, seasoned and then smoked over a hearth or in a barrel. It is served in very thin slices as an appetizer, usually with sheep cheese, olives, homemade smoked sausage and ombolo, or as a main dish in a sauce with past and in fritaja and manestra.

Scallops, mussels or oysters

The underwater world of Vrsar and surrounding areas are filled with shell fish and some of the famous shell fish farms are also located here. Try some raw oysters with a few drops of lemon, scallops with spices and cheese or mussels prepared in a tomato sauce.
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