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Take an excursion to Pula and explore the ancient open-aired museum, while enjoying the ride and breathtaking scenery of passing Istrian villages. On your way, don't miss the Lim Channel, and Bale, which is dominated by the church and castle of St. Julian. Come explore Vodnjan where the largest church in Istria lies, with a collection of sacred art and Istrian mummies. In Pula, you will find historical and cultural buildings, amongst which is the famous ancient Roman Coliseum Arena, currently a host to many summer events.


On this excursion you will be introduced to the beauties of Vrsar, Gradine, Dvigrad and Rovinj. Rovinj, one of most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean, will delight you with its stone-paved narrow alleyways, picturesque galleries and lively cafes. The old town is located high on the peninsula and surrounded by Venetian homes with impressive red roofs. On the tip of the peninsula there is a Baroque church of St. Euphemia form the 18th century, which dominates the Old Town.


Decide on an excursion to central Istria and explore its beautiful landscape and hilltop towns. The town of Motovun, which is situated on an isolated hill above the Mirna River will delight you with its unique beauty, as will Beram, a little place with a marvellous collection of fresco. Meet Pazin, a city that lies at the centre of Gray, Red and White Istria and take a look at a unique collection of church bells and the Pazin Cave Fojba.

Cave Baredine

Accompanied by a guide, explore five halls and galleries of cave Baredine with its beautiful hidden sculptures of stalagmites and stalactites, products of nature's long, hard work. Become familiar with the underground life and enjoy investigating the unusual underground empire including; endemic olm, tiny transparent crabs and a variety of underground insects.


Venture inland, with its forests, valleys and hills with towns and bell towers. Let these cities and towns overwhelm you with gorgeous Romanesque architecture, Gothic and Baroque villas and palaces, and medieval walls and towers. Visit the Istrian thermal resort in the little town of Roč at the centre of Croatian Glagolitism, and Hum. It is in this smallest city in the world where the old Romans used to rest and relax.

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