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During your holiday in Istria, visit any of the many taverns and taste Istrian žgvacet. A distinctive feature of the Istrian žgvacet is that it prepared only from hen meat and that you first place the meat in the pan, then add the onions. With the addition of indigenous Istrian wines, Mediterranean plants and Istrian macaroni or polenta as the side dish, this delicious meal will surely be delightful.

Istrian prosciutto (pršut)

Prosciutto is a specialty delicacy, a pork ham that is spiced and dried in the bora wind, or by the fire. Istrian prosciutto is aromatic and specific by way of preparation and maturation. Istrian prosciutto, thinly sliced, is served as an appetizer, usually with cheese, olives, homemade sausages and dried ombolo, or as a main dish in the sauce with Istrian pasta and the frittata, and the Istrian meneštra stew.


Seafood guarantees a gastronomic offer that will satisfy every taste. Mussels, scallops, shrimps, crawfish, sardine and anchovy in the marinade with the famous Istrian brodet-stew, prepared with the top-quality fish from the Adriatic Sea. These are just some of the seafood we recommend you try during your holiday in Istria.


Maneštra-stew is the traditional Istrian specialty and base of Istrian cuisine. Once, maneštra was poor farmers' food, and today you can taste it in almost all taverns and restaurants in Istria. The basic ingredient of Maneštra is a combination of three kinds of vegetables: potatoes, beans and the third kind of vegetables by which the maneštra gets its name (maize, cabbage, fennel ...).


Fritaja, or scrambled eggs, is a well known Istrian dish prepared with free range eggs, and the addition of wild asparagus, truffles, mushrooms, prosciutto, or Istria seasonal vegetables. The best known is Fritaja of wild asparagus, which we recommend you try. If you are staying in Istria in the spring, you can set out in asparagus picking and prepare yourself this simple and delicious dish.
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