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Olive oil

Olive growing tradition goes back to ancient times when ancient Romans recognized Istria as fertile ground for growing olives. Istrian olive oil belongs to the highest quality and most valued olive oils in the world. Along the roads of olive oil, try using oil derived from indigenous olive trees of this region and present your loved ones with a bottle of aromatic olive oil from Istria.


Along the beautiful fields of Istria you can see the Istrian Kažun, a small field shelter built in the dry-stone without any mortar. Formerly, Kažun served as a shelter and tool storage, and for guarding the fields and vineyards before and after harvest, while today many people in the backyard of their house built little kažuns as a symbol of Istria. Buy a small replica of Kažun that will remind you of an unforgettable vacation in Istria.

Brandy (rakija)

Try the famous Istrian brandy biska, sweet honey brandy (Medica), routes, jujube, cherry or fig brandy. Indigenous Istrian brandy biska is made of mistletoe and several types of Istrian grass. It has medicinal benefits for it relaxes, regulates blood pressure, improves circulation, improves functioning of the heart and kidneys, and has anti-inflammatory effect.


Take wine roads of Istria and meet Istria in a special way. Try the famous indigenous Istrian wine teran and malvasia. Make sure to also taste other world-famous wines which grow in the area of Istria, such as muskat, pinot, Refošk, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and buy a bottle of wine by well-known Istrian winemakers.
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