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Code of conduct and how to begin

Uredi podatke

Rules of conduct at naturist centres differ from country to country and they are particularly important for naturist beginners.

  • Swimming in the nude is forbidden outside naturist centres, except in the areas in which local authorities explicitly allow it. In most cases, those who swim in the nude in places which were not meant for that can be fined.
  • Maximum respect of each individual, ambiance (cleanliness, peace) and life together as well as implementing a high level of personal hygiene is required in a naturist centre.
  • It is necessary to always have a towel with you in a naturist centre in case you want to sit in a restaurant, at the beach, in a bar…
  • It is recommended not to wear clothes in naturist villages. In certain, understandable cases, women can wear a swimsuit. In case of strong wind, sudden rain or physical problems, wearing clothes is acceptable and understandable.
  • Taking the clothes off and being naked can be shocking to people who decide on a naturist holiday for the first time, but that adaptation can last from several seconds to several days.
  • Naturism in a family, which includes parents and children, is often publicly criticized or cannot be understood. A well-known psychoanalysist Francoise Dalto responded by saying that there is no difference in being nude in a group or among family members. It is, therefore, believed that, on top of everything, sexual education within a family must exist and that it would help children grow up, in all their phases, without trauma or any prejudice regarding naturism.
  • Many believe that by being nude the attraction of mystery, especially with women, is lost. According to naturists, the secret of attraction is not in the body but in the personality, sensibility, discretion, keeping to yourself and the delicacy of the relationship.
  • In some naturist centres, especially when the first campsites were opened, there were cases of erection which was punished by being thrown out of the campsite with fines for dishonourable behaviour. Naturists believe that it is unnecessary to punish people for such situations, if the erection was not intentionally provoked with exhibitionist motives, but due to physiological nature which cannot be controlled. Therefore, such cases should be taken into account on individual basis in order not to put people, who don't deserve it, in an unpleasant situation.
  • One of the basic characteristics of naturism is nudity, and the INF believes that guests in a naturist centre can always and during all everyday activities be completely naked. However, there are exceptions when being completely nude is unadvisable or prohibited:
  1. with certain types of organized tournaments and sports competitions in order to avoid injuries
  2. while shopping due to hygienic reason
  3. at the reception or in the post office
  4. complete nudity in the restaurant is not allowed, while it is obligatory to use a towel on a chair at the restaurant terrace 
  • In some naturist centres which are not supervised by the INF and managed by naturists, there are unwritten rules which must be obeyed:
  1. women and children, without exceptions, are allowed to enter  the naturist village with the admission ticket
  2. men coming alone without the permanent or temporary INF or other naturist association member card are not allowed to enter the village
  3. couples are allowed
  • Naturist are aware of the fundamental nature protection problem and they contribute:
  1. to solving the technical and recovery problems of the environment
  2. to avoiding a large number of people at the centres
  3. all centres being declared nature protection centres, bird and animal reservations


All those who want to become naturists are recommended to first join one of the naturist associations, and in Croatia, that is the Croatian Naturist Association.

Društvo naturista Hrvatske, Trg Maršala Tita 3 10000 Zagreb

 T +385 99 2396 166 (Mr Davorin Zugčić, Croatian Naturist Association secretary).

Being a member of a naturist association contributes to more quality education, adjustment and respect  of the afore-mentioned rules of behaviour, and it makes it easier for the naturists, who are entering the world of naturism as adults for the first time, to adjust to new ways of socializing and spending time in nature.




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