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Old Town

The old town of Poreč developed on the peninsula in Roman times and has kept its original urban street system. The peninsula is divided lengthways by Decumanus Maximus street with a parallel series of ancillary streets or decumanusi. They are connected together by horizontal streets with Cardo Maximus at the centre. As a result of this layout, the town area takes the form of a proper square with the houses inside it.

Euphrasius' Basilica Complex

Euphrasius' Basilica is the most significant and valuable cultural historical site in Poreč and is the best kept memorial of early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean. It was built in the 6th century during the time of Bishop Euphrasius from whom it got its name. The complex is one of the most significant global memories, and the basilica is on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list.

Gothic Palaces

Fifteen palaces from the gothic period have been preserved in Poreč. They can be found on Cardo and Decumanus streets, as well as on Matija Gubec square, Poreč's medieval centre.

Romanesque House

This is near Marafor square and was built in the 13th century. There is a stable on the ground floor, stone steps lead to the first floor that is a large area with a hearth. The façade is decorated with two double lancet windows and a wooden balcony.

Old Romanesque gate

The old Roman gate, which is called the Small town gate, was built in the second half of the 12th century and beginning of the 13th century. The fairly simple gate frame is made out of thirteen stone blocks. Over the centuries, the gates were a component part of the town walls, and two gate wings made from hard Istrian oak are still preserved, as well as stone rings that hold the wings and the opening and closing mechanism.

The Roman Basilica of St. Mary of the Sea

The Romanesque Basilica of St Mary of the Sea is located in the port of Vrsar. The basilica is a very important memorial of Roman architecture in Istria. This pretty monumental basilica (24.5 x 12.5m) architecture reminds of old Christian churches. On the facade there is a round window (oculus) and on the eastern part of the church there is a bell in the shape of a Roman Monofor. The heavy Roman arcade with its monolithic pillars divides the church into three naves.
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