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Fruits of the Sea

Fresh fruits of the sea are a delicacy which we suggest you should definitely try during your holiday in Istria. Mussels, scallops, scampi, crabs, marinated sardines and anchovies, fish cooked under "peka" (baking lid covered by embers), as well as the famous Istrain stew made out from the finest fish are just some of the fish specialities which are served in the many charming restaurants and inns in Istria.

Cod Pate

Cod pate has always been prepared in Istria. This specific delicacy is a speciality not to be missed, which is served in a large number of Istrian restaurants and inns. It is made from dried cod, which is cooked and cut up, mixed with Istrian olive oil and chopped garlic, and served on homemade bread.


Ombolo comes from non-fatty meat of pork cutlets and is a traditional Istrian speciality. The meat is first marinated in Istrian wine, garlic and bay leaves, and then grilled. It is most often served in combination with cooked Istrian sausages, cooked or fried sour cabbage and potatoes. Ombolo can also be prepared by being cooked in wine.

Fuži with truffles

Fuži are homemade Istrian pasta, most often served in a sauce of fresh truffles, wild asparagus and prosciutto. As almost every Istrian host will tell you, this combination of fuži and truffles makes truffles taste their best. We recommend that you definitely try this traditional Istrian dish which represents a connection of simplicity and excellent gastronomy.


Kroštule are traditional golden yellow cakes which are prepared along the Adriatic coast, and also on the Istrian peninsula. This simple crunchy cake, which is mouth-watering for both adults and children, is most often served with homemade Istrian honey or mistletoe brandy (biska or medica).


After trying some traditional Istrian specialties, you should then try some cukerančići, a famous Istrian sweet which almost all Istrian restaurants and inns offer at the end of a meal. Your experience will be even better if you eat your cukerančići accompanied by some Istrian Muscat, a wine with an expressive aroma and a semi-sweet bouquet.
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