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Poreč Mosaic

In Poreč, the town of mosaics, many well-preserved mosaics have been discovered some of which date from as far as the 4th century. The Poreč mosaic from the 4th century, which has a realistic motif of fish on it, is today a main feature of the Euphrasius’ Basilica, and the most famous mosaic in Poreč comes from the 6th century. You can find small imitations of the Poreč mosaic available as souvenirs that will remind you of your holiday in Poreč once you get home.


If you drive around Istria you will see the surrounding vineyards and olive groves. On the wine road the runs the length of the Istrian peninsula you can try some of the local wines from this region, of which the most famous are the red Teran and the golden yellow Malvasia. Some well-regarded Istrian wine growers grow other world famous wine varieties such as Muscat, Pinot, Refosco, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Black and white truffles are unique mushrooms which you can try throughout the year in Istria, and were enjoyed by Roman Emperors and Austro-Hungarian nobility. This highly prized aphrodisiac with its intensive and unique aroma is a vital ingredient in many Istrian specialities. Try the home-made Istrian pasta with truffles, scrambled eggs with truffles or meat delicacies with truffles.

Istrian instruments

The famous instruments which are played in Istrian folklore are the Roženica, Mih and Šurla. The Roženica is an instrument that is similar to an oboe, the Mih is an instrument made from a sheep’s intestine with either a single or double mouthpiece, whilst the Šurla has two separate wooden mouthpieces that are joined at the upper point into which air is blown. Take a handmade traditional Istrian instrument with you to decorate your home.


These painted earthenware jugs, or “bukaleta”, are used for serving wine and for preparing Istrian soup. Bukaletas are most often painted with motifs of grapes or grapevine and decorated with inscriptions which say something about wine. Try the traditional Istrian soup speciality, which is made out of the Teran red wine, fried slices of bread, pepper and olive oil.
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