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Bicycle rental

Discover the surrounding area of the town of Rovinj on a bicycle and choose one of many interesting trails and organized cycling tours. Take the captain Morgan trail and see the swamp with rare bird species, the haunted town, the buried pirate treasure, the canyon, the cave with the early man and hermit, the archaeological site and the ancient solar observatory. Take a ride along the Rubin trail through the beautiful natural landscapes such as the protected Zlatni rt forest park and the historical sights in the Rovinj surrounding area.


Discover the beautiful landscapes on one of numerous mountain trails in the Rovinj surrounding area and enjoy the scent of the Mediterranean vegetation and the centuries-old forests. Make sure you climb one of the mountain peaks which offer a magical view of both the green, and blue side of Istria.

Free climbing

Free climbing is an excellent choice for all those who are looking for an adrenaline rush. With the help of experienced instructors, all beginners can discover the magic and the beauty of free climbing on mild slants, and those looking for an adventure can visit the climbing spots on the Zlatni rt area, Lim Fiord or the town of Dvigrad.


Discover the beauty of the sea and enjoy the magical view of the rich flora and fauna of the Adriatic underwater. Set off toward the St. John’s Island on which 4 diving locations are located, each of them providing a special experience for all types of divers. In the vicinity of the St. John’s Island, on the depth of 30-35 meters, there is a small cargo ship Maona with lobsters and groupers often found around its bottom. Not far from Rovinj, there is also the sunken Italian mine-sweeper Giuseppe Dezza with a visible stern canon and preserved military equipment.

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