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Old town

The Rovinj old town is located on a peninsula and it witnesses the history of the town of Rovinj. See its charming, closely connected houses, and take a walk along the narrow streets and small squares which witness the hard-working hands of local craftsmen who, due to the lack of space, presented their knowledge and skills there.

St. Euphemia's Church

The tower of this church with St. Euphemia's statue dominates the silhouette of the town of Rovinj. The church was built in the early 18th century, and it was refurbished with a new Baroque and Venetian front in the middle of the last century. St. Euphemia's tower, sixty meters high, is adorned with a copper statue of the saint which the wind turns around its axis.

Town walls and gate

Rovinj town walls date back to the 7th century and the three remaining door, out of seven of them, still adorn the town of Rovinj. On the spot where the town gate was once opened and closed, a Baroque Balbi's Arch was built in the 17th century, which now serves as an entrance into the old town.

St. Thomas' Church

St.Thomas' Church is located 4 km north of the town of Rovinj, right along the old Rovinj – Kanfanar railway tracks. It is a building with a circular layout and the tower on its north side was additionally built. In the centre of the church, there is a 6-meter-high apse which is semi-circular on the inside and polygonal on the outside. The side areas of the church also have such semi-circular apses but they are smaller and they communicate with the central nave through a high semi-circular passage. St. Thomas' Church is a nice example of church architecture of the Caroline period in Istria.
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