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You can visit a charming small town of Dvigrad located in the vicinity of Rovinj. This medieval town was deserted in the 17th century and the town ruins are spread on the surface area of around 16 000 square meters. See the town gate, two rings of town walls, a few defence towers and the remains of around two hundred houses the town of Dvigrad consisted of. According to one of the interesting Istrian stories, Dvigrad was "The town of people in love" and those who had visited it, left it being even more in love.


A picturesque small town of Bale, with the extraordinary Bembo Palace and a beautiful Neo-Baroque parish church built at the end of the 19th century, is located only on a hill top, only a ten-minute drive from Rovinj. Historical documents and Roman buildings remain witnesses that Bale used to be a Roman fort. Take a walk along the narrow Bale streets and experience the special atmosphere of this typical Istrian small town, and set off toward the nearby Colone Bay, where a rich site of several types of dinosaur fossils have been discovered.


The small town of Žminj, which used to be the crossing of many routes, is situated in the centre of the Istrian peninsula. Žminj was a part of the Pazin County for many years and it was under the Venetian rule for only one year. Here you will find the remains of the 15th century town walls, the large Baroque St. Michael’s parish church, three smaller churches covered with murals, and St. Bartul’s small church around which a big public festivity is traditionally held on the last Sunday in August which you definitely must see.


See the Istrian hinterland and enjoy its beautiful landscapes, small hill tops, charming towns which will delight you by their luxurious Roman buildings, Gothic and Baroque palaces and villas, and Medieval towers and town walls. Visit the Istrian spa where the ancient Romans spent their time relaxing, the small town of Roč which is the centre of glagolitism and Hum – the smallest town in the world.


Sail along the west Istrian coast up to the Brijuni National Park. The Brijuni Islands consist of 14 big and small islands which are famous for the beauty of the nature and the archaeological sites. Enjoy the panoramic train ride through the safari park and see the remains of the Byzantine castrum, a Roman villa and the archaeological museum and St. German’s small church.

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