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Istrian pršut

Pršut is a famous smoked ham specialty gained from pork leg to which spices are added and it is then left to dry off in the wind or by the fireplace. Istrian pršut is aromatic and specific for the way it is prepared and the way it becomes ready to be tasted. It is served finely sliced as an appetizer or a main course in a sauce with fuži (pasta) and in a fritaja (scrambled eggs) and Istrian maneštra (thick soup).

Sheep cheese

Don't miss out on the opportunity of trying the sheep cheese which, alongside a slice of homemade bread, olive oil and finely sliced Istrian pršut, makes the perfect appetizer you most certainly must try. Istrian sheep cheese goes very well with teran, Istrian malvasia and Momjan muškat.

Fresh fish and sea food specialties

All sea food lovers will have their way in Rovinj. Almost every restaurant in Rovinj offers fresh Adriatic fish and sea food prepared in various ways. Treat your palate and try grilled fish, mussels stew or fish stew made of various types of fish.

Rovinj pelinkovac

During your stay in Rovinj, you must try the liqueur which is of natural colour and contains the natural pelin (Artemisia Absinthium-wormwood) aroma. Rovinj pelinkovac is a liqueur of a unique taste and scent, and it reminds one of a mild Mediterranean climate and red Istrian soil.
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