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Batana is a traditional Rovinj wooden ship with a flat bottom, somewhere between 4 and 8.5 meters long and its construction is a protected Croatian cultural heritage non-material good. As a souvenir which will remind them of their holiday in Rovinj, tourists can take the handmade and painted batana ships with them, or cheer up their youngest ones with a T-shirt or jigsaw puzzles with the batana ship motif.


Rovinj and its surrounding area are one of four wine centres in Istria. Set off along the Rovinj-Vodnjan-Valbandon wine road and try the indigenous Istrian wines and bring a bottle of internationally acknowledged wine, recommended by well-known wine-growers, home with you. Enjoy the peace and the beautiful view of the endless vineyards, and relax in one of the nearby taverns.


Kažun is a circular field shelter made of stone in a drystone wall. Kažun was once used as a shelter: it was a place where tools were kept and from which the field was monitored just before the harvest since the yield was often stolen during that period. Kažun nowadays exists in Istria as a widely recognized Istrian symbol and as such it is often found in the yards of family houses or restaurants. You will find miniature replicas of kažun made of stone, ceramics, wood, glass and even gold in many souvenir shops.
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