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Al cason

Location: Polari bb, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 813124

Specialties: Spaghetti with ruccola and pine nuts, grilled meat fillet with vegetables and ruccola, tooth fish fillet in a foil with vegetables

Al gastaldo

Location: Iza kasarne 14, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 814109

Specialties: Lobster tagliatelle, game, truffles beefsteak


Location: Val de Lesso 9, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 811265

Specialties: Scallops with truffles and corn flour, sea bass fillet with caviar and saffron, coffee mousse


Location: J. Rakovca 18, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 830613

Specialties: Chicken with chilli, paella, ice cake made from fresh fruit and ice cream


Location: A. Ferri 38, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 813402

Specialties: Noodles with mushrooms and shrimps, lobster rigatoni, sole with truffles


Location: Obala palih boraca 4, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 811515

Specialties: Codfish in white sauce, shrimp and mushroom tagliatelle, fish plate

La perla

Location: Bulešića 2, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 811801

Specialties: Veal medallions with truffles, sea bass with asparagus, noodles with lobster


Location: Monpaderno bb, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 830854

Specialties: Risotto made from five types of vegetables and asparagus, fish carpaccio with oranges or lemons


Location: Montalbano 75, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 830203

Specialties: Smoked shrimps on a crab pâté


Location: Gripole 70, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 816851

Specialties: Noodles with lobster, fish fillet al catoccio with vegetables, frogfish medallions with truffles

Porton Biondi

Location: Porton Biondi bb, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 821040

Specialties: Cold appetizer (codfish, salmon tartar sauce, sea bass and octopus carpaccio), homemade meat ravioli made from dory in crab sauce, frogfish tails in olive sauce


Location: Sv. Križ 38, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 813186

Specialties: Puntulina seafood appetizer, shrimps with olive oil and garlic, brill fillet with almonds

Santa Croce

Location: Sv. Križ 1, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 842240

Specialties: Pasta with edible boletes and shrimps, fish in fennel sauce


Location: Driovier 3, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 815303

Specialties: Cuttlefish stew with corn flour, dumplings with mussels and ruccola, pasta with cream, shrimps and mushrooms

Veli Jože

Location: Sv. Križa 1, 52210 Rovinj Contact: T +385 (0)52 816337

Specialties: Codfish in white sauce, noodles with cream, shrimps and mushrooms, lamb and potatoes baked in the oven

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