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The town of Umag is known for its various sports offer, numerous tennis courts and the ATP tournament which welcomes may world known tennis players every year. Play tennis on one of about a hundred tennis courts in the vicinity of the sea and stay in shape during your holiday.

Walking and running

Take a walk along the beautiful landscapes through the intact nature of the Umag surrounding area, and enjoy the aroma of the Mediterranean plants and the view of the crystal clear sea. You will come across numerous tended promenades and trails in the Umag hinterland, and you can also walk and run along the very sea from Kanegra to Lovrečica.


Enjoy the ride along the cycling trails which are surely one of the most attractive ones and which will lead you through the beautiful and almost intact landscapes all the way up to the neighbouring small Medieval towns located on the hill tops, with a magnificent view of the surrounding villages, churches and the blue sea. The Buještina cycling trails are famous for their beauty and fantastic views of the sea and Gornja Bujština hills. A special feature of these trails is that they gradually climb their way up from the sea towards the elevated Gornja Bujština parts, up to the highest point of 400 meters above the sea level.


Umag offers very attractive possibilities for amateur and professional diving thanks to its extremely clean and clear sea, as well as rich and various underwater flora and fauna. Diving centres with top quality equipment are at your disposal. Diving centres with top quality equipment are at the divers’ disposal.

Horseback riding

All nature and adventure fans are recommended to set off and discover the beauties of the Istrian peninsula on horseback. Experience a unique adventure and explore the green pastures, hills and aromatic pine tree forests. Enjoy the view of the sea and the islands. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, horseback riding along beautiful natural landscapes is a unique opportunity to see your holiday destination differently.

Water skiing

Try this exciting water sport and enjoy the ride along the crystal clear sea. After learning the basic water skiing skills, you will be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful Istrian landscapes and magical towns located by the sea.

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