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Wine roads

There are numerous never-ending vineyards in the Umag hinterland, and there are some of the most famous wine roads on the Bujština area with 22 well-known Istrian wine producers. See the wine cellars and try the Istrian malvasia of golden and yellow colour, or the ruby red teran and other world known wine sorts produced in Istria, such as pinot, muškat, refošk, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay and take a bottle of indigenous Istrian wine with you.


Discover the Istrian hinterland, its forests, valleys and hills, and charming towns which will win you over with their luxurious Roman buildings, Gothic and Baroque palaces and villas, as well as Medieval towers and town walls. By all means visit the Istrian spa where the old Romans had spent their time relaxing, the small town of Roč which is the centre of glagolitism, and Hum – the smallest town in the world.


Go on an excursion to Pula and explore this outdoor Roman museum. Enjoy the ride and the view of the charming small Istrian towns, and make sure you visit the Lim Fiord and the town of Bale dominated by the church of St. Julijan and the castle. Moreover, see the sights of Vodnjan where you will find the largest church in Istria with the collection of sacral art and Istrian mummies. You can see numerous historical and cultural buildings in Pula, among which the most famous one is the ancient Roman amphitheatre Arena where many summer events take place.


Set off to the town of Poreč and take a walk along its old historical centre which tells a story of turbulent past and great cultures which have left their mark here. Make sure you see the Euphrasian Basilica, the most important and the most valuable cultural and historical Poreč monument, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and find out why Poreč is called the town of mosaics.

Baredine cave

Accompanied by a guide, see the five halls and galleries of the Baredine cave where beautiful sculptures, stalagmites and stalactites, which occurred as a result of long-standing work of nature, are all hidden. Discover the underground animal world: the endemic olm, small transparent crabs and underground insects, and enjoy exploring this unusual underground empire.

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