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Boškarin meat

The Istrian ox, today know as boškarin, was a strong and faithful servant to his master back in the days and it helped him cultivate the land. Boškarin meat is nowadays a top quality food product which is marinated "wet" for a month and which it is left in an osmosis marinade for five days. Try the boškarin goulash or stew, boškarin fillet in olive oil, or boškarin sausages.


Fritaja, i.e. scrambled eggs, is a well-known Istrian dish prepared from local farm eggs with wild asparagus, truffles, mushrooms, Istrian smoked ham or seasonal vegetables. The most famous fritaja is the wild asparagus one, and we recommend you try it by all means. If you are spending your spring holiday in Istria, you can also set off and pick the asparagus yourself and prepare this simple and delicious dish on your own.

Istrian pršut

Pršut is a famous smoked ham specialty obtained from pork leg to which spices are added, and it is then left to dry off in the wind or by the fireplace. Istrian pršut is aromatic and specific for the way it is prepared and the way it becomes ready for consumption. Istrian pršut is served cut into thin slices as an appetizer, usually with sheep cheese, olives, homemade dried sausages and pork loin, or as a main dish in a sauce with pasta and scrambled eggs, or in an Istrian thick soup.


Maneštra is a traditional Istrian specialty and the basis of Istrian cooking. Maneštra used to be poor farmers' food, and nowadays you can taste it in almost every tavern and restaurant in Istria. The basic maneštra ingredient is the combination of three vegetables sorts; potatoes and beans and the third vegetable sort it is named after (corn, cabbage, fennel…).

Sole (švoj) specialties

You must try the sole (švoj) specialties during your stay in Umag. In the restaurant and taverns in Umag, sole is usually prepared batter-fried in breadcrumbs, cooked, grilled or combined with vegetables, asparagus, mushrooms, truffles, smoked ham, pork loin and shoulder joint, with sea food, or with Istrian wine and olive oil.
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