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Umag earrings

Original Umag earrings, which date back to the 8th century, are made of bronze and they have a pendant with a specific relief ornaments in the shape of two symmetric "s" decorations. Njaci Široka, a filigree and a goldsmith has designed its silver replica and now you can buy these Umag earrings as a nice souvenir to remind you of this region.

Olive oil

The olive oil tradition goes way back in time when the ancient Romans recognized Istria as a fertile ground for olive growing. Istrian olive oil is one the most appreciated, top-quality oil in the world. Try the oil obtained from this region's indigenous olives along the olive oil roads, and take a bottle of the aromatic olive oil made by one of well-known Istrian olive growers as a gift for your dear ones.


Set off on a journey along the Istrian wine roads and experience Istria in a different way. Try the well-known indigenous Istrian wine sorts, such as teran and malvasia. By all means try other world known wine sorts grown in Istria, such as muškat, pinot, refošk, cabernet sauvignon and merlot, and take a bottle of wine made by one of the famous Istrian wine producer with you. One of the most famous wine roads in Croatia with 22 well-known Istrian wine producers, three of them from the Umag area, is located in the Bujština region.


Try the famous Istrian brandies such as biska, sweet honey brandy (medica) or brandies made of rue, jujubes, cherries and figs. The indigenous Istrian biska brandy is made of grapes, mistletoe and several Istrian types of herbs. It has therapeutic features since it relaxes, regulates blood pressure, improves the blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the heart and kidneys, as well as an anti-inflammatory effect.
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