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Allegro - Hotel Kristal

Location: Obala Josipa Broza Tita 9, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 700027

Specialties: carpaccio "Kristal", duck breasts in basil sauce, octopus baked under the lid (Cro. peka), grilled kid with stuffed potatoes, shrimp cocktail, lobster salad with wild asparagus…


Location: Špinel 20 a, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 743327

Specialties: homemade Istrian smoked ham (Cro. pršut), various thick soups made from beans and cabbage, venison dumplings, sea specialties: fish soup, gilt poll baked in the oven…


Location: Umaška 12, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 756293

Specialties: fish in bread, fish from the oven, fish in salt, Badi tagliatelle (shrimps – truffles) and Badi Piato (lobster, shrimps, sea food in a sauce with tagliatelle)


Location: Sv Marija na Krasu 41, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 732053

Specialties: dishes baked under the lid (Cro. peka) fish dishes with truffles…


Location: Buščina 18, 52470 Umag Contact: + 385 (0)52 732088

Specialties: dumplings, pasta (Cro. fuži) with various sauces or truffles, risotto or noodles with shrimps or sea food, kid, lamb or veal with potatoes under the baking lid (Istrian čiripnja), grilled fish or fish prepared under the baking lid.


Location: Donji Picudo 50, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 730030

Specialties: fish in bread, ruccola with shrimps, asparagus and shrimp risotto


Location: Zemljoradnička 11, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 722050

Specialties: seasonal Istrian delicacies, homemade wine and olive oil…


Location: Finida bb, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 752124

Specialties: Journal plate, beefsteak, Istrian steak…


Location: Umaška 35, Petrovija, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 740160

Specialties: seasonal asparagus, mushrooms and truffles menu


Location: Sarbarica 44c, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 732049

Specialties: filled grilled fillet with dumplings, pasta with shrimps, warm carpaccio with truffles…

San Martin

Location: Zemljoradnička 11, 52470 UMAG Contact: +385 (0)98 422 412

Specialties: Istrian cooking, all prepared under the baking lid, ravioli with pork loin (Cro. ombolo), curd, chicory and mushrooms


Location: Kmeti 19a, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 732164

Specialties: grill, fish dishes, Istrian dishes…


Location: Sošići 58, Picudo, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 730360

Specialties: risotto with scallops and asparagus…

Sorrento - da Domenico

Location: Šetalište V.Gortana, 252470 UMAG Contact: +385 (0) 98 422412

Specialties: Mediterranean cooking fish, scialatielli (Napoli pasta with sea food)

Taverna Vili

Location: Savudrijska cesta bb, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 52 752 145

Specialties: Lobster, black risotto, pasta with shrimps and asparagus, traditional Istrian season dishes…


Location: Galići 45, 52470 Umag Contact: +385 (0)52 732275

Specialties: venison dumpling, pasta…

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