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Limski bay - Rovinj

Go on an all-day boat trip along the length of the richly indented western coast of Istria. Visit the old town of Rovinj with its narrow streets and old palaces built in a Venetian style, and enjoy the untouched natural beauty of the Lim canal. Definitely try some of the specialities made from the fruits of the sea in the hospitable atmosphere of one of the restaurants on the bay's coastline.


Decide to go on a boat trip the length of the coast of Istria and spend the day in the Brijuni National Park which is made up of 16 islands. Enjoy the untouched natural beauty of Veli Brijuni and meet some of the many different animal species which are free to move through the parks of this unique national park. You should also visit the ethnographic and archaeological collections and remains of the roman palace.


Get to know Venice, one of the most charming towns in the world. The catamaran “Prince of Venice“ is the most comfortable ship in the Adriatic, and reaches the harbour of Venice in no time. By taking a walk through the narrow streets and over the many bridges, you will discover all the charms of Venice. Visit St. Marco's square with its beautiful basilica from the 18th century and enjoy the traces of the past.

Baredine Cave

Visit the underground world of the Baredine cave and admire wonderful stalagmites, stalactites and unusual natural sculptures. When walking through this underground empire you will pass through five halls and five galleries of abstract and realistic sculptures where you can learn a lot about the underground natural world: olm, small transparent crabs and insects.


The Plitvice lakes are the most famous national park in Croatia, and are considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. In 1979, the Plitvice lakes were entered on the UNESCO list of world natural heritage. Enjoy the wonderful sights offered by the 16 lakes, the sparkling cascades and waterfalls and take a gentle walk through the wonderful natural surroundings and scented forests.


Get to know the largest town in Istria which is located on the south western coast of the peninsula. Take a look at the many historical-cultural buildings and walk through the stone streets of Pula. Definitely try to visit the most famous antique Roman amphitheatre, the Arena, which now hosts many festivals, folklore and ethno events as well as concerts of classical and entertaining music.

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