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A “bukaleta” is an earthenware jug that most often has motifs of grapes and vine leaves painted on it, and is decorated with inscriptions that carry messages about wine. As well as wine, Istrian soup is also drunk from a “bukaleta”. Istrian soup is a red Istrian wine that has been warmed a little, and has a few slices of freshly baked bread, a few drops of olive oil, a little sugar and milled pepper in it.


All over Istria you can see the Istrian kažun in the fields, a small round hut made out of stone. The kažun used to be a shelter and place for storing tools, as well as a look out to watch over the fields and vineyards just before harvest time, in case the harvest was the target of thieves. Nowadays, lots of people have constructed a little kažun in the gardens of their houses as a symbol of Istrian tradition, and you can take a miniature kažun home with you as an Istrian souvenir.


The truffle is a rare and extremely highly valued mushroom which you can try in Istria throughout the year. This most sought-after aphrodisiac has an intensive aroma and taste, and it has remained the undisputed culinary king ever since it was eaten in the dining rooms of the ancient Romans and all the way until today. Try some Istrian truffle delicacies, such as fuži (pasta), steak, game, fish and risotto that are accompanied with this very fragrant mushroom.


Lavender is a plant that is famous for its healing qualities, and its scent and wonderful colour decorates much of the Istrian countryside. The ancient Romans added lavender to their cooking, whilst the ancient Greeks used it for medicinal purposes. Take some lavender etheric oil, or a scented bag of dried lavender home with you as a memento of your holiday in Istria.


You should try some of the local Istrian wine varieties – ruby red Teran and the golden yellow Malvasia, and you should also try some of the other world famous wine varieties that grow successfully in the Istrian area, such as Muscat, Pinot, Refošk, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Take the Istrian wine road and taste some of the many Istrian specialities and wines produced by famous Istrian wine producers.
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